M.Tech In Computer Science
And Engineering

About the Course

The M. Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering is a Master’s program offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in any area of computer science. The objective of this discipline is to train the manpower required:-

  • To meet the industry needs of the country
  • To pursue research in specialized areas
  • To meet the growing needs of engineering colleges for trained faculty in Computer Science and Engineering.

Career Prospects

The strategically optimized study environment equips the student with functional and theoretical concepts to take on the challenges of an ever-growing sphere of computer applications. The prospects of computer professionals are extremely vast and not limited to some particular sector. They perform duties including data management, system development, management information systems, application design and development, software design, hardware engineering, and networking. Job opportunities also exist in the private sector like banking, finance, retail, education, entertainment, etc. The growing number of institutes also offers a large number of opportunities for computer professionals to work as lecturers.


The total intake in the M.Tech. program in computer and science engineering is 18.