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Delhi Global Institute of Technology approved by AICTE was established to impart quality education with emphasis on both technical and theoretical aspects. Besides curricular activities, sports and excursions form an integral part of the college curriculum, Utmost efforts are being placed into providing world-class teaching, a learning environment, and the most advanced technical infrastructure.

Apart from this, we strongly feel that true education involves much more and much beyond the inherent knowledge of the course material. With a pledge to make students well prepared and confident to excel, a strong foundation of becoming independent learners, with a mastery of process skills and a sound understanding of concepts are laid out during the course.

We provide the students with several opportunities to participate in various co-curricular activities in niche areas like communication skills, personality development, right body language, group discussion, etc. We also have enlightening and inspirational lectures for students from distinguished dignitaries and experts from industries to instill in the students a feeling of corporate culture, a sense of discipline, and punctuality at a young age. Due to its high standards, comprehensive facilities & reputation for excellence, colleges today attract students from all over India & foreign countries like Korea, Nepal & Dubai.

About Us
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About Us
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Message From The Desk Of Chairman's

It is my privilege to greet you on behalf of DGIT. We believe that excellence in education is achieved when it is student-oriented and delivered with scientific and creative teaching and approaches by skilled professors who love their subjects and theirs. Students cannot become gems until they are polished by good teachers. Dedicated and Effective teachers are harbingers of good education. Keeping this in mind we always look for excellent faculty and infrastructure. Academic Excellence, Holistic Education, Global Relevance, and Values continue to be the foundation of DGIT. I am confident these four aspects will always define learning at DGIT.

We are deeply entrenched in the process of building an academic culture that is based on the norms of merit-based advancement and putting structure in place that would help build and sustain top-quality programs. We continue to pump in additional resources (like more high-tech labs, advancements in the library, workshop types of equipment, etc.) needed to create an outstanding institution. We are aware that building a world-class institute is a gradual and painstaking process, but, the journey to excellence is well and truly on its way.

All the Best!

Captain Kuldeep Dalal

Chairman & Trustee


The mission of Delhi Global Institute of Technology is to be a global center of Excellence for education in basic and applied technology, science, business management, and research in cutting-edge technology and development in interdisciplinary areas of importance to the human race, in particular, and living beings, in general. The institute will serve the state, the nation, and the world by producing talented, broadly educated engineers, managers, and professionals conducting high-quality research, developing breakthrough technologies, and disseminating and preserving technical knowledge.


Delhi Global Institute of Technology is envisioned to be an academic institution of excellence imparting quality education in science, technology, and business management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the ambiance of creative and innovative research and design and development. The institute will ensure an adequate supply of highly talented, highly skilled, and highly motivated science and technological manpower to lead R&D activities in our national laboratories, mission-oriented agencies, and in industries. This institute will strive to be at the frontier of science and the cutting edge of technology for the development of socio, the socio-economic status of the human race.

The following strategic characteristics and aspirations will enable the institute to realize its vision :

  • Undergraduate curricula that emphasize breadth and depth of education, which link to areas contiguous to engineering & technology.
  • Graduate education prepares students for research and advanced problem-solving needed to address complex engineering & management problems.
  • Internationally recognized research programs in each department with strong support from the professional constitution.
  • Demonstrable leadership and service in advancing engineering professionalism to meet trust’s needs.
  • Educational and research partnerships with health science, business, and other colleges, and with select agencies, universities, and industries.

Meet The Team of DGIT

Tony Gordon

Mike Tomskin

Edward Solo

Salient Features

DGIT, Jhajjar was set up by Dalal Global Trust with the approval of AICTE and affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak, Haryana, and the Directorate of Technical Education Sole motive behind laying the foundation of DGIT was to develop a college where the young aspirants can acquaint themselves with
latest technology innovations and management concepts.
“The prime focus of the college is on in-depth education, continuous monitoring and evaluation through

• Experienced and Competent faculty with industry background
• Regular workshops, seminars, presentations with a case study focus
• Fully furnished labs with modern infrastructure
• IT friendly campus-WI-FINetworking-24 hrs
• Facility of Educational loans from Banks
• Extensive industry interaction
• Transport facility available 100%placementAssistance


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  • E-Learning

    DGIT students learn to approach the world with confidence, diligence, and ingenuity natural outcome of the curriculum and beyond the curriculum activities that inspire intellectual and creative growth.

    The campus community is a mixture of styles and personalities.

    To assist students, outside the class and to solve their problems, we have developed a unique concept of “Problem-Solving”. In this methodology, Faculty members are available after college hours to solve the
    problems of students.


    DGIT generates a Progress Report Card for each student showing the marks obtained by each student per subject including practicals during the academic year/semester and mid-term examinations.


    In today’s challenging world, only bookish knowledge is not sufficient for a student to achieve success in life.

To overcome this, we conduct Seminars and individual and group Counseling to develop effective communication skills and confidence in our students so that they can
face the world.

    Each Faculty member shares his/her lecture notes, evaluation learning material, exercises & online links on the student login of the DGIT E-Learning Portal. Each Faculty member is entrusted with a batch of 20 students. He acts as a friend, philosopher, and guide for his/her students so that they come up with their queries. The personal interaction based on the old Guru and Shishya traditions generates a healthy academic environment. She/she also maintains communication with the guardians to make them aware of the overall performance of the student.


    The cell provides all the career counseling and development services to the students so that they develop effective presentation and marketing skills. The center also provides ‘Career Counseling and guidance for occupational preparedness and effective English for business communication are also offered by the college.

Board Of Governance