B.Tech In Electronics &
Communication Engineering

About the Course

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the fastest growing streams of engineering which has spread its wings in almost all other fields of technology. It is the study of transmitting, processing, and receiving of Information through electronic devices. It concerns the use of scientific knowledge of the behavior of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, types of equipment, and Electronic products ranging from simple radio receivers to advanced music systems, televisions, computers, mobile phones, electronically controlled radio toys, several systems of automobiles, aircraft, etc. The department of ECE aims to impart up-to-date technical skills in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering along with developing skills and capabilities of the students to be utilized in industry, research centers, and entrepreneurship.

Career Prospects

An electronics and communication engineer (ECE) can find Jobs in consumer electronics, telecommunications, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, mobile communication, internet technologies, and power electronics. Besides, ECE engineers are also needed in directing production processes In the steel, petroleum, and chemical industries. They are also absorbed in me entertainment, transmission industry, research establishments, and defense establishments.


To provide industry-required inputs and need-based training, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has established fully equipped labs and basic electronics, digital electronics, semiconductor devices, and circuits under the supervision of dedicated and qualified faculty.


The total intake in Electronics and Communication Engineering is 60 seats