Diploma in Automobile Engineering

About the Course

Automobile engineering is a branch of science that consists of elements of Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, and Electronic Engineering. The study of the automobile or automotive is the branch of engineering that takes care of education like how to design, make, and work with the automobiles like buses, cars, and other vehicles and also its respective subsystems of engineering. This one can also be grouped under the engineering of the vehicle. To have main the engineer of the automobile is to design, prove, and develop the vehicles and/or the components of the stage of the concept to traverse to the production stage. The vehicle after being sent to the market also needs improvement. Then it comes when having the engineer of the automobile improve the vehicle in response to the regeneration of clients. Automobile engineering tells how vehicles are designed and developed.

The future engineers of automobile engineering can specialize in alternative areas such as aerodynamics, fuels, chassis, electronics, emissions, ergonomics, manufacture, materials, motorsport, the train of energy, creation of a fast prototype, the security or the management, etc. of the vehicle and the pedestrian of the provision chain. The responsibility of the engineer of the automobile always consists of maintaining the greater level of the vehicle by the use of traditional methods and the technology outpost. Recently, due to the fast growth of the industries of automobiles in the country, the demand for expert professionals also has increased considerably. There are lots of jobs for the students of automobile engineering. Therefore the option of a race in the engineering of the automobile will be interesting as well as compensating.

Career Prospects

Automobile engineering is among the most challenging careers nowadays. Due to the rapid growth in the automobile industry, one can fetch lot many opportunities in India. Their work is to plan, analyze, design, and manufacture. The students of automobile engineering must have knowledge of many different aspects of engineering. They have to take care of the performance, and the drawbacks in the work. They can opt for some transport companies, service stations, consultants, or self-employment in workshops. They have more opportunities in foreign countries and India. PhD holders can go with research and MTECH can go with the teaching field. While students in engineering they get campus placement from the automobile industry.


The total intake is 60 seats