Our Team

Meet Our Team

Ever try to describe your team or your company in just one word? Well we thought we had try that little exercise as we updated our website so we could introduce ourselves in a simple summarized manner. We thought it was going to be a tough exercise. You know, trying to get a large group of people who are scattered across the globe to not only come up with the perfect word, but to all agree on it unanimously. But we did it. That is just how good we are. Here is the word that best describes our team at the DGIT.

Faculty Details

S.No. Name Designation Stream
1 Mr. Kapil Singh Academic Head Computer Science
2 Ms. Abha Asst. Professor Computer Science
3 Mr. Vipin Tomar Asst. Professor Computer Science
4 Ms. Reena Bhatia Asst. Professor Management
5 Ms. Kiran Asst. Professor Management
6 Mr. Preet Deshwal Asst. Professor Civil
7 Ms. Priyanka Asst. Professor Civil
8 Mr. Kashish Asst. Professor Civil
9 Mr. Akshay Asst. Professor Mechanical
10 Mr. Hardeep Asst. Professor Mechanical
11 Mr. Vivek Kumar Asst. Professor Automobile
12 Ms. Shelly Rajput Asst. Professor Electronics
13 Mr. Nitish Asst. Professor Electronics
14 Ms. Renu Sherawat Asst. Professor Electronics
15 Mr. Sharat Chandra Training Placement Officer

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