BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate academic degree in computer application awarded in India after the completion of three years course work. The degrees from BCA colleges train the students in computer technology. The main objective of this degree is to give the opportunity to students those are interested in handling computer and its related applications.

BCA colleges create new professionals trained in computer applications because today every field and organization needs the help of IT industry. The course that is offered by BCA colleges in India includes software designing, data base management and working with multiple data in the computer. It allows students to learn different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.
Career Options and Job Prospects
Degrees from BCA colleges provide the exposure of Computer Language applications to students and prepare them for specialization in particular application.
The degrees from BCA colleges in India create firm platform for students and help them in their career further. After doing BCA, students can start as Junior Programmer or a Software Tester. Then they can move higher up the ranks and attain the role of a Senior Programmer. Sometimes it is not necessary for students to work under some company as they can work on their own level by starting their own business after gaining enough practical knowledge of this field.